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3 thoughts on “Hormones

  1. This is a great guide. Would you consider sprinting to be a form of “dynamic training”?

    I’d be interested to a see a post with an example workout for each training type.

    • Have a look here – this is the overview post I had made on the topic back then. I haven’t pursued this route further, for a couple of reasons.

      1. the workouts lead to palpitations, which was evidently very unpleasant (it was probably low-carb related, but I specifically had problems with the high-frequency overhead work in those workouts for some reason)
      2. the workouts were very “messy” in that they used an awful amount of equipment, and had instructions like “rest for 7 seconds” – pretty much impossible to do in a normal gym where equipment tends to “walk”, and without a PT
      3. the program contained all three types of workouts, making it difficult to see whether any of the claims really held true.

      I have posted a template for dynamic training and for density training. Lactic acid training is based on the idea that LA is produced in the concentrics, so it is about raising the weight slowly (HIT style) and then lowering it quickly.

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