About Thor’s Guides

About Thor’s Guides

If you are on a quest to lose weight, to get fitter, and to generally improve your health – especially after decades of abusing your body – then there are a number of things you simply need to know about the functioning of the human body. Many people have ignored this, and they might have done more harm than good – think yoyo-dieting, injuries, and lasting metabolic damage.

You don’t need to know everything there is – you can’t anyway – but there is a minimum level of knowledge that everyone simply should have. I have been down that particular rabbit hole – in fact, I am still in it – and I spent a lot of time researching everything related to the human body. I have come across a lot of information – too much, really – and the Thor’s Guides series is my attempt to separate what is important from what isn’t, in order to save you the time to rein-vent the wheel.

To be clear: I am not promising an entertaining read. The information in Thor’s Guides is dense, and focused on the area at hand. I am in particular not usually providing much information why a certain piece of information is important, and how the whole puzzle fits together. This is part of a forthcoming project – my book – and the Guides will be an important part of that.


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